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Kamchatka - the real wildlife
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Kamchatka - the real wildlife
No days off, from 10:00 to 21:00

A calm and peaceful walk along the Khalaktyrka River on a SUP board introduces us to rowing techniques and gives us the opportunity to “Easy” to walk in a relaxing atmosphere.

A calm and interesting route starts from Lake Khalaktyrskoye along the river of the same name with a wide and calm channel, pushing for pacification and contemplation of the surrounding beauty of nature, reminiscent of the Louisiana jungle.

It ends under an authentic wooden bridge, under which you can make a wish.

Beautiful photos along the route are provided.

The excursion tour includes training in theoretical and practical skills of SUP board management.

Route type:
Water, the duration of the transition on SUP boards for 2 hours
Group size:
Up to 20 people
Suitable for entry-level training
Included in cost:
A set of equipment (SUP board, life jacket, wetsuit), drinking water, board training, guide on the route, photography on the route