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Kamchatka - the real wildlife
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Kamchatka - the real wildlife
No days off, from 10:00 to 21:00

1 day

A meeting. Check into a hotel. Welcam dinner and briefing

Departure to the port for further travel along the bays of the South of Kamchatka: Vilyuchinskaya bays, Russkaya bay and Listvenichnaya bay.

2 day

We will leave a cozy marina in the center of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. On the way, we pass by the Three Brothers Kekurs and picturesque lagoons. Hard-to-reach and deserted beaches will appear before us. We will reach the location of our camp in the Russkaya Bay, which will be set on a wide beach with excellent views. In the evening, we will walk on the calm surface of the water on SUP boards, learn how to row and control.

3 day

Our main journey begins next morning. In Listvenichnaya Bay, we will find the incredible beauty of the rocks of the Pyramidny Cape, waterfalls, grottoes, through which you can go on SUP boards. We will disembark on the shore with waterfalls falling on the round stones of the beaches of the bay and refresh ourselves under the streams of icy falling water. Further, our path will continue to the habitat of sea lions at Cape Kekurnom, where we can observe the life of these mammals at a safe distance, the weight of which can reach 1000 kg. We will go along Cape Kekurny on SUP boards. Playful and curious sea lions will evoke vivid emotions in you. In this place we can go fishing and catch our own dinner - fishing is always successful in this area! After a busy day, we will return to the camp and enjoy the pre-sunset colors of the Russkaya Bay.


In the morning we leave for the port of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. On the way back, we will definitely visit Vilyuchinskaya Bay and the very first point at the beginning - Cape Zeleny. The lighthouse on the Top of the Cape offers a view of the Vilyuchinskaya and Zhirovaya bays and the Vilyuchinsky volcano itself. Photos from this cape can be called a visiting card of sea voyages of the Kamchatka Peninsula.

On the way to the port, we will also pass along the Starichkov Island, where the incredible number of birds in the sky above this island, columnar kekurs and rocks will leave an indelible impression on your hearts. We return to the port overwhelmed with emotions from what we saw during our expedition.


5 day

On the Predator off-road vehicle we move to the area of the Mutnovsky and Gorely volcanoes. On the way we check into a house located in the volcano area. Visit to the nearest waterfalls and lava caves of Gorely volcano.

6 day

We move to the area of the Gorely volcano for ascent. SUP boarding in the crater of Gorely Volcano. Lunch at the edge of the crater. We return to the base camp.

7 day

Transfer to the foot of the Mutnovsky volcano. From there we will overcome ~ 4 km in one direction and climb 450 m in height. Our road goes around cracks in glaciers, goes through the Mutnovsky canyon and leads directly to the active part of the volcano. To be inside is like visiting another planet! Mud cauldrons gurgle here, fumaroles hiss and emit hydrogen sulfide, and acid algae lurk near melting snowfields. Here you can imagine what the Earth looked like at the dawn of centuries and how rapidly life was born in it.

On the way back we will see the waterfall in the Opasny canyon. The views here are amazing and it's easy to believe that we are not in Kamchatka, but in the Grand Canyon! Powerful streams of water from a height of about 80 meters dive into the non-melting glacier for years. Transfer to glamping on the Pacific coast.


8 day

Meeting the dawn on the Pacific coast. Rafting on SUP boards on the Khalaktyrka river. A calm and interesting route starts from Lake Khalaktyrskoye along the river of the same name with a wide and calm channel, pushing for pacification and contemplation of the surrounding beauty of nature, reminiscent of the Louisiana jungle.

Further, the journey is gaining momentum and continues along an ornate stream among the forest with the increasing speed of the river. And gaining speed, the river becomes wide, calm again and brings you to the endless ocean Khalaktyrsky beach ... A place where black sand and waves combine in a single element.


9 day

Surfing on SUP boards on Khalaktyrsky beach, one of the few places in Russia where there are excellent conditions for wave surfing. Surfing on a SUP board gives you the opportunity to touch the power of the ocean waves and do it, perhaps, easier than on a classic surfboard.

The excursion tour includes training in the theoretical foundations of surfing and wave formation, training in board management and practical skills in SUP board management.


10 day

Transfer to the city of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. Visit to the fish market. A visit to the unique Vulcanarium Museum is also planned, where we will learn about the formation of the planet earth and about active volcanism in Kamchatka. Farewell dinner.

Route type:
Group size:
Up to 10 people
Included in cost:
A set of equipment (SUP board, life jacket, wetsuit), drinking water, full lunch, snack, board training, guide on the route